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There is the easy way transfer records that permit to you for your file transfer. Our administration group additionally extremely OK with online administrations. There are different kinds of web media for document exchange strategies that you can without much of a stretch use as:

Simply simplified your documents and that are instantly synchronized on the web. You can get an alternative to produce exchange interface which can be imparted to us.


If you want to send large number of files, FTP access to our server is a better choice. Please contact [email protected] for FTP account information, User Name, and Password. This information is personalized, highly confidential, and will be shared only between the client and the (PES) staffs. Thereafter, use FileZilla or any other FTP client to download files in Windows, or FetchSoftworks if you are using MAC.

File upload system

FTP System (unlimited choice).We share same FTP account between you and our officials only for uploading and downloading purpose of unlimited number and size of file in any format. Submit a request for an FTP account information from our website or by an e-mail and follow the steps below.1.When you request for an FTP account, we will give you an FTP account information with password (only for use Clipping service usa and one client due to image security) to upload your images.2.Upload your images and then email us that you have uploaded your images (with your job instructions).3.After received your email, we will download them and then send you a download conformation massage.4.After done the job, we will upload the completed images at the same FTP account; again we will give you an upload conformation massage.5.Finally you’ll download the completed images and check them, If need review, just email us.

***Sample of FTP Account information***

FTP Host: ftp. photoeditstudio.com

FTP Username: [email protected]

Port: 21
You have to save the above FTP information

for Request for an FTP account.

It is needed to install FileZila program in your computer to login at FTP account and proceed with uploading and downloading files to and from clipping service usa. FileZilla is a freeware, you can find this free software at the company is url:https://filezilla-project.org/

Please let me know if any problem is there, please email at:   [email protected]

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